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Market Steer

Date: May 06 - Oct 22, 2021
Steve Bautsch- 936-336-7455

2021 Judge- Danny Davis

It shall be the responsibility of the exhibitor, parent/guardian, Advisor, Club Leader and Extension office personnel to read and abide by existing and new rules and guidelines.

Please note there are changes to some of the rules highlighted in yellow in the rules and regulations. Please read

All steers must weigh a MINIMUM of 900 lbs. at official weigh in in OCTOBER. No exception

Must weigh between 500-900 lbs at tag in in May

All entries must be entered online at tve.fairwire.com. Entries will remain open until midnight the Thursday before tag in to avoid a late fee. All entries entered after deadline will be subject to a 30.00 late fee on top of the entry fee per animal. All exhibitors that have not signed up before they get to tag in will have to get out of line , complete the entry and get back in line. This will keep the line moving.
Please note that you must pay an entry fee for each animal that you would like to tag in. Example: If you have 3 steers under one kids name you must enter and pay 3 entry fees in order to get tags for each animal.

All steers must be castrated at tag in in May

All In County steers must turn in an affidavit by midnight the Thursday before tag in to be eligible for In County Award- No Exceptions. Printable forms are located at the bottom of the page and must be emailed to tvelivestock@hotmail.com or faxed to 936-336-5192. No hand delivered or late requested will be accepted.

(Please see below for printable forms)
Online Entry site:

We have incorporated the notarized release of liability form online with your entry. You will have to check the box to agree to the terms and conditions and will not require a paper copy notarized. However you will need an off premise form if animals will not be kept at your house. All in off premise and in county affidavits must be turned via fax at 936-336-5192 or emailed to tvelivestock@hotmail.com before tag into be eligible for the in county award- No Exceptions

Rules and regulations are subject to change per the livestock committee.

Dates and times are subject to change with confirmation of the TVE Schedule

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