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Date: May 31 - Oct 21, 2022
Brittany Purswell

Show will be in the expo hall. No exhibitors or parents are allowed in the room until after the judging has been completed. Result time will be announced as soon as it is confirmed. All plants will have to be taken home with Grand in each division being brought back for the sale on Friday.

Plant Pick up will be TBA from 4:00-6:00 pm at the TVE Fairgrounds under the pavilion.

All entries must be entered online at tve.fairwire.com, no late entries.

Entry Deadline May 31, 2022 :midnight

Plants must be in the pots provided- You may NOT use your own pots!

Please note that you may enter 1 category only , Color, Foliage or Mixed. No exceptions

No refunds for any reason
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Dates and Times

Plant pick up
Horticulture plant must be picked up at the TVE Fairgrounds with date and time TBA
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