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TVE would love to have you as a volunteer for the 2017 year.

We are always looking for new volunteers that would like to get involved with us here at the TVE. There are so many places to volunteer for instance, livestock, parades, BBQ cook off just to name a few. We would love to have you and we always look forward to new faces as well as the seasoned ones that have been here for a while. TVE welcomes all to come and help out at our fair.
Membership dues are 25.00 and will include a parking pass as well as guest rodeo tickets

If you are interested please see the printable PDF form below, fill it out and send it in or drop it off at the TVE fair office or fill out the online form and submit.

We have added a new feature this year allowing you to renew or add a new membership online. We hope you take advantage of this feature.
We look forward to seeing many new faces this year as well as our current and past volunteers. We are gearing up for an exciting new year so please join our crew and become part of a great organization.

Membership Form

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